AC historian discusses the "I Have a Dream" speech 50 years late -

AC historian discusses the "I Have a Dream" speech 50 years later

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his I have a dream speech August 23rd 1963. Now 50 years later, his words are still stuck in the minds of those who attended.

"The speech was so uplifting to me, it was probably the best speech I have heard in my life," says Ralph Hunter, the Founder/President of African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey.

Hunter is remembering when he heard Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

"When he started off with I have a dream, everyone's hearts were was a feeling of some sort of ecstasy, a gift from up above," Hunter explains.

Hunter, who was 25 when he went to Washington D.C. to hear Dr. King's most famous speech. He went with family and members of his church, and still remembers that day 50 years ago when they first arrived in the capitol.

"I went to Washington D.C. with my family, and my father and other churches got together. When we got there we saw this mound of people, thousands and thousands of people all races and all colors," he says.

50 years later, Hunter cannot help but feel excited and blessed that he is here to celebrate and reminisce the effects Dr. King's speech had on his life.

"It showed me how one man can stand in front of 250,000 people and look at us all and speak to each one of us personally," says Hunter. "That speech changed my life," he continues.

Which is why Hunter founded the African American Heritage Museum of Southern New Jersey, that now has an exhibit of Dr. King with over 700 pieces dedicated to him. Which is the reason why he started traveling around the country educating kids on Dr. King.

"I travel to about 100 schools a year educating kids in their school's, lunchrooms, and gymnasium sharing the importance of Dr. kings speech and his legacy," "I think you have to just reach back into your pocket find a way to donate some dollars and some time to your society, and I think that will keep Dr. King's dream alive," he continues.

A dream to take us forward through another 50 years.

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