Trial begins for AC cab driver charged in fatal hit-and-run -

Trial begins for AC cab driver charged in fatal hit-and-run

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The trial is now underway for the Atlantic City cab driver charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. The incident was captured on camera, but the prosecutor and the defense have very different accounts of what happened.

“When you're involved in a motor vehicle accident, you stop and wait for police.” But the prosecutor says Jean Sene, an Atlantic City cab driver, did not do that after hitting 88 year-old Bu Do Jo back in December of 2011. “He didn't slam into her going 60 mph, she didn't dent his car, she didn't go flying,” Assistant Prosecutor Seth Levy told the jury, “but what he did was hit her enough to knock her into the right hand lane, knock her into the lane she was coming from, and unfortunately that's where a jitney was.”

“She turns around, she slips and falls and that is when the jitney strikes her.” Jo was killed while crossing Pacific Avenue, in Atlantic City, but the prosecutor and defense presented the jurors with very different accounts of how it happened. While there's no dispute a jitney, which captured the incident on camera, delivered the fatal strike, the defense argues that Sene never actually hit her. “If he touched her with that car, he is guilty,” said his attorney, Steven Feldman, “I suggest to you, when you see the video, you will see that his car never touches this woman.”

While both sides agree this was a tragic accident, they disagree about Sene's responsibility following it. “This is what's important,” said Levy, “Ms. Jo died as a result of this accident, and while the jitney, after hitting her, pulled over - this defendant took off.”

“So my question that is going to be before you, is whether or not my client had a legal obligation to stop,” said Feldman, “since he wasn't involved in the accident.”

Witness and expert testimony will begin Tuesday morning when the trial resumes, during that time, the jurors will see three different videos of the incident. We're told testimony should only take a couple of days, which means the jury should be deliberating by the end of the week.

If found guilty, Sene faces up to ten years in jail.

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