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Low voter turnout expected for US Senate primary

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With six candidates on the ballot, many residents are choosing to cast zero votes during Tuesday’s primary.

"A lot of them you don't hear from,” said Dick Keyser of Somers Point.

“You hear one or two on television or something. I got the list in the mail but you don't hear from anyone."

In the primary election to ultimately fill the late Senator Frank Lautenberg's seat, a lack of information is just one of the reasons blamed for an expected low voter turnout.

"2013 is an off year for elections anyway,” said Director of the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy at Stockton, Daniel J. Douglas.

“Now we're in an off month for the primary and off month for the general in October so it will be difficult to get people to come out."

Douglas believes voters are more accustomed to primary elections being held in June.

He also says people out of town on vacations, and Tuesday’s stormy weather could further contribute to empty voting centers.

"Here we're just starting in the middle of the summer with no real indicators and not that much advertising from the candidates," said Douglas.

And while some may have many reasons to keep them out of the voting booth, others did what they could to have their voices heard.

"I consider voting a privilege. Its something that people should consider and be doing all the time and we take it very seriously when we vote," said Robert Young of Mays Landing.

Some of the voters we spoke with say they had the future of their children on their minds while casting their votes and they were also surprised and disappointed to hear the possibility of low voter turnout.

"There’s a lot to vote for,” said Gary Mclelland also of Mays Landing.

“I just wish people would come out and spend the time and talk to people and get involved."

And as the field is narrowed down later Tuesday evening, the results of October’s special election could be felt for decades to come.

"New jersey senators tend to not be thrown out of office,” said Douglas.

“If Mr. Booker wins as expected, he could be a senator for the next twenty years."

Still, summer plans, the weather and the lack of familiar candidates is enough to keep some out of the voting booth.

"If you knew a little bit more about them that would be good, a lot of people worry about voting for the wrong person too," said Keyser.

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