One year after accident claims life of cousins, family is still -

One year after accident claims life of cousins, family is still looking for justice

One year after accident claims life of cousins, family is still looking for justice

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Wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly car accident that claimed the lives of two teenage cousins, who were killed while walking home. One of the grieving mothers, says no amount of time will make what happened to her daughter OK.

"She texted me, we are on our way home, and within 5 minutes i'm getting a phone call." A phone call that changed Christina Lazicki-Gaston's life forever. Hearing the distraught voice of her youngest daughter on the other line, telling her that her sister Nioami Lazicki, wouldn't be coming home that night.

"I have one daughter that lived it, tried to bring her sister back to life. Tried to bring her cousin back to life."

Fifteen year old Lazicki and her cousin 13-year-old Ashley Dauber were killed on July 31st 2012, while walking home from a nearby park, when 31-year-old Joshua Malmgren, who was allegedly driving drunk, swerved into the shoulder.

One year later the stretch of Bayshore Road, where Malmgren struck the girls, is covered in stuffed animals, flowers, and some of their favorite things. The gifts are an outpouring of love and support that Lazicki's mother says is a constant reminder that she needs to push the Township to make the roads safer for pedestrians.

"Everywhere, not just there, because my daughter died there, not just there," said Lazicki-Gaston. "Everywhere needs to be a safer place for children everywhere to walk because there are no sidewalks."

In the last year the Township lowered the speed limit from 45-miles per hour to 40-miles per hour, added a stronger police presence and repainted the lines to make the shoulder wider.

"The re-stripping of the lines there and increasing them from 4 to 6 inches more wider. The white lines there," said Cape May County Spokesperson, Lenora Boninfante. 

But this grieving family knows that no matter what is done to make the streets a safer place, their home will never be the same.

"We're trying to do the best we can and live day by day because this is the new way of living. We have to learn to live now with one less child."

Joshua Malmgren posted bail at the end of April and was released from the Cape May County Jail pending trial.

A vigil for the teen girls will be held Wednesday night at 8:00 P.M. at Spicer Avenue and the Boardwalk in Wildwood.

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