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Jitneys reducing DUIs, increasing business on 7 mile island

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A transportation service born in Atlantic City has foundsuccess further south.

"Its better with it. Its quicker and a lot more easierthan riding your bike so far," said resident Joe Walsh.

In its first summer of operation in Stone Harbor and Avalon,the Jitney is receiving praise from residents and officials in both boroughs.

"Its been really well received. For a couple of years wedidn't have transportation between Stone Harbor and Avalon. I had so manypeople come into the chamber and request it," said Jean Miersch with theStone Harbor Chamber of Commerce.

And since the Jitneys began running Memorial Day weekend, lawenforcement has noticed a decrease in misdemeanors and DUIs.

"Drinking and driving is down, urinating in public isdown, different borough ordinances are down and I contribute that somewhat tothe Jitney services," said Avalon Chief of Police, William McCormick.

Jitney officials say there have been eight fewer DUIs inStone Harbor and seven fewer in Avalon compared to this time last year.

While the Jitney is popular for people leaving the bars,officials say the service has been well received by families and tourists.

"People might want to go to Avalon from stone harbor fordinner and sometimes parking, as you guys have seen today, can be a little bitof an issue," said Miersch.

In addition to the reduction of DUIs on the island, shops andrestaurants like Stone Harbor Bar and Grill have seen an increase in business,especially later in the evening.

"It's definitely helped a lot that people aren't worriedabout getting DUIs.," said Manager Lauren DellaPenna.

"We've seen a lot of late night business which helps us.We're here, we're open, it's nice to have people coming in."

The service will run until Labor Day.

Jitney officials believe the biggest accomplishment has beenreducing DUIs while making life easier for visitors and residents.

"I think the jitney service has benefited everyone,"said President of the Jitney Association Tom Woodruff.

"Its been beneficialto the police, helping them do their job, its been appreciated by theresidents, the tourist who use the service and the Jitney association."

The Jitneysoperate seven days a week on the Seven Mile Island between the hours of 6 p.m.and 2 a.m.

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