Pet first aid in Avalon to help furry friends -

Pet first aid in Avalon to help furry friends

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Students learnedfifty rescue techniques today at a pet first aid course in Avalon

It's an eight-hourcourse designed to avoid the thousands of preventable pet deaths each year.

"If you knowwhat you're doing, you can greatly reduce the amount of stress your animal goesthrough to make sure they get to the vet in much better condition and thatreally increases their chances of survival," says Vanessa Sorace, first aid& CPR instructor.

Life threateningscenarios such as bleeding and choking warrant immediate first aid.

"There are a lotof people now in town who have dogs, so if something happens, if I know what todo and can help…" explain Janet Halaseck, a dog owner from Sea Isle.

According to the AmericanAnimal Hospital Association, the techniques taught Saturday can save one out offour pets in an emergency.

And dog owner Janet Halaseckdoes not want to gamble with these odds when it comes to the health of her dogblackjack.

"There aresituations that come up with pets that's unpredictable and if you know what todo and at least not to panic, and move forward, your good," adds Halaseck.

Students used stuffedanimals to practice CPR as well as rescue breathing and shock management.

Plus, restrainingtechniques to ensure safety during a medical emergency.

"There is just atechnique and we practiced, practiced, practiced."

"God for bidsomething happens, I could react and would have that knowledge," says KatyFitzgerald, who dog sits for friends once and a while.




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