Ventnor man sentenced for 1990 homicide; family says he is not f -

Ventnor man sentenced for 1990 homicide; family says he is not forgiven

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On April 1st, Steven Goff walked into the Galloway Police Station and turned himself in for a murder he committed 23 years ago. He is being sentenced to 30 years in jail, however the victims family says he will not be forgiven.

It's a day they thought would never come. After 23 years of wondering who killed their "Cool Uncle Freddy", his family could finally look the murderer of their loved one straight in the face, and make it clear that forgiveness is not an option.

"You are a murderer. If justice was really justice, if we lived in an eye for eye world, I don't wish death on anyone, but I would have watched you die," said Hart's nephew, Jerry Tittermary Jr.

On April 1st, 41-year-old Steven Goff of Ventnor, confessed to the murder of 15-year-old Frederick Hart, in Galloway, in May of 1990.

"Mr. Goff took this young man into the woods, with no doubt but to end his life. Then he did it in a particularly cruel manner," said Superior Court Judge Michael Donio.

Goff was just 18-years-old when he choked and stabbed Hart to death in the woods behind the Clubs Condominiums in Galloway Township. Hart's body was found 18 months later.

"Sorry doesn't cut it," said Steven Goff. "How do you tell someone what I did, just sorry?"

Goff says he was on drugs at the time, and was afraid that Hart was going to turn him in for a number of burglaries he committed. He says he's wanted to confess to the murder for a number of years, but it was having his own son that convinced him to do it.

"At that point it started weighting on my conscious. Everything you said I lived through. I couldn't imagine someone doing what I did to your child," said Goff.

Goff continued to say in court that he still had good to offer the world, and asked for a lesser sentence and gap time for previous time served. Those requests were denied.

Goff is sentenced to 30 years in New Jersey State Prison, with 15 years of parole ineligibility. He has 45 days to file an appeal if he chooses to do so.

Goff has a lengthy juvenile record, which included 29 arrests and 22 burglaries. As an adult he had 11 arrests, and six convictions.

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