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Local boaters help re-map ocean and bay floors

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It's been 9 months since Hurricane Sandy and although most of South Jersey has recovered, local marine officials say the ocean and bays still need work. That's why one local boating supply store has decided to raise money to re-map the New Jersey coastline.

Owner of Lukens Marine, Mike Lukens, explained, "Some places are deeper than before, some places are shallower - it's just different."

Sandy brought category 1 hurricane winds and a category 3 storm surge, causing the ocean and bay floors to shift. This summer, those on the water have noticed.

Leslie Morgan, an employee at West Marine, said, "I have seen a bunch of people who have run ground and ruin their props and everything from hitting the bottom of the bay."


Because of all of the navigation issues, the West Marine boating supply store has teamed up with the Navionics electronic charting company to help re-map jersey's waters.

John Concannon, Assistant Manager and Inventory Specialist at West Marine, said, "As you go you collect data, and then your data is downloaded onto your laptop and sent out to Navionics. Navionics then collects all this data and then they send it back to you so you can view what, not only you, but what every other boater has collected in that area."

For this weekend only, West Marine and Navionics will donate $1.00 towards Sandy recovery efforts, for each nautical mile mapped by South Jersey boaters.

Navionics Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager, John Noel, told NBC40, "This allows you to see better bottom. All over where you normally thought was a sandbar - that is not there anymore. Now there is more debris. It could be a car; it could be a roller coaster; who knows what it could be. But we now know there is better data for where you want to go boating."

Officials hope with the fundraiser and new mapping techniques, boaters will be able to have a safer summer in New Jersey's waters.

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