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Waterpark using computers to monitor water quality

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Guestslooking to escape the heat at Ocean Oasis Water Park and Beach Club Wednesdayafternoon were happy to make a splash and cool off.

"It'swarm, it's really refreshing, everyone seems to be having a good time,"said visitor Jeremiah Kenyon.

"Itsreally good, we just got off the cliff dive and I was fun but kind ofscary," said park guest Dasia Manley.

Buta fun day at the water park could turn bad if proper attention is not paid tothe quality of the water.

That'swhere park Senior Operations Manager George Rohman and his staff come in.

"Weuse chlorine as our main pool sanitizer and we use a lot of it of course. NewJersey bather code has very specific regulations of how much chlorine you needto have in pools and we have computer microprocessors all in our pump rooms andequipment rooms that constantly monitor our chlorine levels in our pools andadjusting it as they need," said Rohman.

Elevendifferent computer systems in the two Morey's Piers water parks monitor thechlorine and PH levels and automatically make adjustments if the levels fallout of a set range.

Thewater is also checked manually every two hours and once a week by an outsidefirm.

"Oncea week we actually have a third party microbiological firm that comes in andactually does a microbiological test of our pool water to make sure itssafe," said Rohman.

Andwhile many of these checks may go unnoticed by guests, they are notunappreciated.

"Thechlorine was good, sometimes you go places and it's overpowering but it'sgood," said guest John Manley.

"I'msure there's plenty of bacteria but it seems the chlorine levels are fine tofight that and as far as we know it seems like everything is all good,"said Ocean Oasis visitor Clarence Harvin.

Whilethe quality of the water may be the last thing on swimmers minds during theheat wave, a very real health risk does exist if the water quality is notmaintained.

"Ifyou don't have enough chlorine in the water for a long period of time, yoursubject to microbiological issues, E.Coli, Cryptosporidium, that could comefrom it," said Rohman.

Rohman saysthe sun and crowded pools could dissipate the chlorine but thanks to thecomputer system, no health risk exists to guests.

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