Significant Heat On The Way -

Significant Heat On The Way

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Good Tuesday morning to you all! I think I can safely say the following sentence: Today will mark the official beginning of our third heat wave of the summer season. With high pressure still securely placed over the Ohio River Valley, southerly winds aloft, and virtually no cloud cover to act as a natural shield of sorts, we'll feel the full force of the solar radiation today. There is, however, one little thing to be thankful for...that comes in the form of a more northerly wind at the surface. That will help kick dew point levels back into the upper 60s for the day today. While this isn't impressively better (It's only a minor improvement at best compared to the low to mid 70s for dew points we've seen lately), it's at least something. At any rate, please be sure to take it easy outside...mostly sunny, hot, and humid for your Tuesday forecast with highs in the mid 90s on the mainland and upper 80s on the beach. Winds out of the north to northeast at 10mph. Heat index values may reach the 100 degree mark the further west you go. Not much relief tonight either, as we remain warm and uncomfortable. Partly to mostly clear tonight with lows in the low to mid 70s.

We remain with this potentially dangerous heat through the rest of the work week. High pressure will slowly move to the southwest as it decays at the same time. The process will be rather slow, so until then, we remain squarely underneath its influence. This core of high pressure will also act as a dome...keeping pollutants and pollen trapped underneath it. As a result, air quality levels will gradually worsen as this area of high pressure remains. Anyone with respiratory problems should certainly take it easy as well. So Wednesday into Friday, as hinted earlier, will remain hot and humid. Highs will remain in the mid to upper 90s on the mainland and near 90 on the coast with heat index values on the mainland expected to reach or exceed 100 degrees at times. I state again...PLEASE be sure to take extra care with any outdoor activities. Take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water, or just stay inside with a fan or A/C. Thankfully, a cold front will slide down to the south as the aforementioned high pressure core decays. It's expected to arrive by Saturday, so the weekend does look rather unsettled with showers and thunderstorms possible...especially Saturday night. I think we can squeeze one more 90 degree day on Saturday before we tumble back into the low to mid 80s on the mainland (Upper 70s on the beach) following the passage of that cold front towards the start of the next work week.

Stay safe, stay cool, and have a great day!

- Meteorologist Adam Rutt

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