Prosecutor's office monitoring gangs in Cape May County -

Prosecutor's office monitoring gangs in Cape May County

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Residentsof the Burleigh section of Middle Township were surprised when shots rang outon their block last week.

Butresidents were even more shocked to learn the two men arrested in the incidenthad ties to the Bloods street gang.

"That's kind of unnerving, and it'skind of like in this neighborhood, I just can't imagine," said resident RohemaFoster.

"Evenin Cape May County, a gang? I'm like okay, yeah, that's unnerving, really andtruly."

Whilethe presence of gangs in the county may surprise community members, Cape May CountyProsecutor Robert Taylor and his office is monitoring the situation.

"Thereare ten documented gangs in the Cape May County Correctional Center and as wesaw this past week, there seems to a be a power struggled between two sets ofthe Bloods in the county," said Prosecutor Robert Taylor.

Taylorsays the gangs have caused an increase in violence and that they areresponsible for what he calls an epidemic of heroin distribution.

"Webelieve the gangs are responsible for a lot of the drug dealing involvingheroin and we're actively investigating that and recently we had to put asecond narcotics task force on the streets to try and deal with," said Taylor.

Taylorsays the county provides gangs a profitable market place for drug distributionand residents hope the problem does not get out of hand.

"It'sa family place. I've been here 21, 22 years and we've never had any incidentslike that," said Foster.

"Thesafety of the children is my concern, because a lot of children on thisblock."

The Prosecutor'sOffice says unreported shootings have been an issue as well and that residentsneed to do their part to help control the gangs.

"Neighborsknow what's going on in the area better than law enforcement sometimes," saidTaylor.

"So if they see something going on that lookssuspicious. Call my office or the police department."

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