Fishermen enjoying extended fluke season -

Fishermen enjoying extended fluke season

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The fish were biting Sunday as families stormed the shore packing their rods and reels and casting out to see what they could catch.

"Fish is good," said Hector Acosta, who added he's been fishing his entire life, "There's a couple bites you know. There ain't nothing much here. Besides the people over there are catching stuff."

"I've got two throwbacks and a keeper," explained angler Will Tuthill. "But up until this I had one throwback." 

This Summer fishermen will have a little extra time to test the waters, as the State Marine Fisheries Council voted Thursday to extend open season on summer flounder by eight days, pushing the end of the season back to September 24th, a pleasant surprise for fishermen.

"I couldn't believe it," said Tuthill, "I've never known them to do something like that so it was something of a surprise."

"Hey, it's pretty good. It means more fishing and more catching," said Acosta.

And it isn't just the anglers benefiting from the council's decision. An extended season lets local businesses of the hook too.

"Oh it's great, it'll be good for business," said Mike Hodges, of Budd's Bait in the Villas, "We always like to get a couple extra days of flounder fishing. We seem to get cut off right when flounder fishing starts to turn on, so this'll definitely be a great help.

At the end of the Summer, the anglers we spoke with say the season won't be measured by the size of the fish caught or how many, but by how much time they spent enjoying this time-honored tradition with friends and family.

"Relaxation time away, just get out here spend time with my brother," said Tuthill.

"Relaxing with my family you know?" explained Acosta, "Hanging out, having a good time you know just fishing for fun."

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