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So Close, Yet So Far Away

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Good morning, South Jersey, and T.G.I.F to you all! Over the last few days, I know Dan and I have been talking about a drier and more comfortable break from what we've had lately. That all hinged on an area of high pressure arriving from the west and pushing far enough to the coast to allow us such a break. Alas, as we have seen several times before, the weather had other ideas, and yesterday's cold front stalled sooner and is now backing up to the west. The reason? Another Bermuda high situated in the western Atlantic Ocean. It will slowly retrograde, or move from east to west, towards the coastline by the end of the weekend. Until it arrives, we'll deal with plenty of cloud cover and the likelihood for scattered showers with a few thunderstorms possible as well. Highs will struggle to reach the low 80s on the mainland and upper 70s on the beach with another seemingly rare sight today: a sea breeze. Winds will finally be out of the northeast at 10 to 15mph, and this will also bring some warmer ocean temperatures back towards the coastline for a few days. A few more showers are still possible tonight as that stationary front is slowly shoved to the west. Otherwise, we'll remain mostly cloudy with lows in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees with a light northeast wind at 5 to 10mph. 

For the weekend, we'll be keeping an eye on a few things. First, the aforementioned stationary front will continue to be forced back into the Ohio River Valley. Second, a closed upper level low will drift slowly to the south and west (This low was initially associated with the front that passed yesterday). Third is the Bermuda high that will eventually arrive as well. Two of these pieces, the low and the high, will act together in bringing up warm and moist air back into the Mid-Atlantic. As a result, unfortunately, we'll watch dew points and high temperatures slowly creep higher through next week. We'll take it one day at a time, however, and start with tomorrow. We may see an isolated thunderstorm or two later, but the day itself should be far from a wash-out. Partly to mostly cloudy otherwise with highs in the mid 80s on the mainland and upper 70s on the beach. The climb continues on Sunday, and while we stay mainly dry, a pop-up shower or storm isn't impossible. Highs remain in the mid 80s. Monday through Thursday are all mainly dry, but becoming more humid and warmer with the remote chance of a pop-up storm each day. Not everyone sees something but everyone at least has a slight chance. Highs start in the mid to upper 80s on the mainland (80 on the coast) and rise to 90 by Thursday while the boards stay in the low 80s.

If all of this sounds familiar, you're right. This is almost the exact same weather pattern we had in the days leading up to the 4th of July weekend. Funny how things come full circle, eh?

All the same, have a great day and a fantastic weekend!

- Meteorologist Adam Rutt

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