Saggy pants ban to take effect Tuesday in Wildwood -

Saggy pants ban to take effect Tuesday in Wildwood

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It seems like things are on their way up in Wildwood, as a new ordinance is scheduled to go into effect at 12:01 am.

"If your pants are down below your waist at a level that's unacceptable, then the police department will come over and kindly ask for you to pick your pants up," says the Mayor of Wildwood Ernie Troiano.

After receiving a slew of emails and phone calls from both residents and tourists, Mayor Troiano said his hand was forced to issue the law that bans people from wearing saggy pants on the boardwalk, and on the eve of the law taking affect, those on the Wildwood boardwalk say they welcome the changes.

"I think it's inappropriate for people to wear there pants all the way down to their knees," says a Wildwood youth.

"I somewhat agree with it, a lot of people won't agree with it, like the younger kids," says a boardwalk shopkeeper.

"I think its great, I think more towns need to follow Wildwoods example, its amazing," says another local.

"Its just disgusting, nobody wants to see it, nobody wants to look at it, its inappropriate," explains a local Wildwood woman. 

Violators of the law will now be faced with fines ranging from 25 to 200 dollars, but Mayor Troiano says people will be given a chance to redeem themselves before being ticketed.

"If you chose not to do that, you will be asked to leave the boardwalk, depending on your attitude, depending on how far you want to take it, you can actually be issued a ticket," says Mayor Troiano.

Leaving those who wear their pants low with a choice, pull 'em up, or pay up.

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