Five contest winners to receive smile makeover -

Five contest winners to receive smile makeover

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With a surprise announcement Dr. Bhavin Patel and his staff at Seaview Dental Arts chose all five finalists as the winners of the smile makeover contest.

"I can get my job, my life back," said one of the winners Robyn Pallitto Rakoff.

"It's amazing. Dental work is very expensive. It was a very good thing,” said contest winner Michelle Marshall.

Laurie Boughton, Robyn Pallitto Rakoff, Michelle Marshall, Sunny Mattern and Sherri Mesterhazy embraced each other while tears of joy streamed down their faces.

For the winners, a free smile makeover means a new outlook on life.

"This for me is life altering. After forty years I'm going to have a beautiful smile," said Sunny Mattern.

"I had given up to be honest. I really had everything done. So it just gives me, you can't put it into words," said Laurie Boughton.

And for Dr. Patel and his staff, they were just as thrilled to make the announcement, as the contestants were to hear it.

"It helps them increase self-confidence, ego, esteem and it helps them a long way," said Dr. Patel.

In addition to thrill of receiving a new smile, the contestants say they were happy to share the moment with four other people.

"I met four brand new friends and this will bond us together forever I know it will," said Mattern.

And while five people arrived in a room with concerns over their dental appearance, all of them left with the confidence that their smile will not soon be leaving their face.

"Everybody better watch out because I'm going to be out there now," said Sherri Mesterhazy.

"Five people are going to get brand new smiles and have their lives changed forever," said Mattern.

The staff at Seaview Dental Arts encourages anyone who did not win the contest this year to once again enter next year.

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