Thousands attend 11th Annual Atlantic City Air Show -

Thousands attend 11th Annual Atlantic City Air Show

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The heat didn't keep airplane enthusiasts from spending the day on the beach, where thousands gathered to watch the Atlantic City Air Show. Some of the usual main attractions were missing from the show this year, but those in attendance say they wouldn't miss it for the world.

Firebirds, Spitfires, Mustangs and even a Harrier are just some of the aircraft's you could see if you attended the 11th Annual Atlantic City Air Show.

"Just Wow when you hear something like that go by, so low and so fast, but so safe. Those pilots are the greatest pilots in the world," said air show attendee, Rob Ernest.

These are pilots who spent the day flying high in the sky to take part in the 11th Annual Atlantic

City Air Show.

The air show is one of the biggest events that the city hosts each year. Last year the show generated 42 million dollars worth of revenue and brought thousands of tourists to the city.

"The air show last year tracked in close to 900,000 people," said Joe Kelly, President of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber. "We don't know that the crowds will be that big this year."

For ten years the air show has been held in August, but this year city officials decided instead of ending the summer season with the air show, they would kick it off with it. They hope this will bring more visitors to the tourist town and prove that they were not defeated by Hurricane Sandy.

"Especially with the storm and some of the wrong information in regard to the boardwalk," said Kelly. "We just want to show everybody we are here and we're ready to have people come visit."

But some people may have been discouraged from attending the Thunder Over the Boardwalk this year, because they say what makes the thunder was no where to be found.

"No big jets. I think the military jets are what people come for," said air ahow attendee, Steve Roach.

The air show did not feature any military jets because of the sequester.

"We miss them for sure," said Ernest. "we hope to see them next year."

Next year when these airplanes go roaring over the beach once again.

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