Workers sweat it out during first heat wave of summer -

Workers sweat it out during first heat wave of summer

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Just a week into summer, we have our first official heat wave of the season. While some were sweating it out, others were trying to keep cool in this hot and humid weather.

The temperature hit 90 degrees for the third day in a row on Wednesday, and those looking to beat the heat found some relief at The Cove in Mays Landing. "Too hot for me," said Michael Vickery of Egg Harbor Township, "that's why I'm here."

From splashing around to simply lounging by the water, many say it's the perfect place to cool off. "It's refreshing," said Vickery, "it's a little warmer than usual, but its still refreshing."

The beach wasn't the only place to spot umbrellas on this hot and humid day. Workers tearing up the street to install new gas lines were feeling the heat. "It's a little tough, little hot," said Kevin Giordano with J.F. Kiely Construction, "we put up an umbrella to try to keep cool."

It's a mission that's easier said then done, especially when your job requires you to wear protective gear.

"You never get used to it," said Roger Courtemanche, a lineman with Riggs Distler, "but you live with it." For the linemen working on utility poles- that statement is all to true. They have to wear thick rubber sleeves and gloves to protect them from accidentally touching 2,700 volts of electricity running through the lines. "Makes it about 120 degrees in 'em."

The good news for those working hard outside is that the heat is expected to subside over the next few days, but unfortunately, the humidity will likely stick around. And while they say they'd of course prefer cooler weather, they also say working in these types of conditions is just part of the job. "You get used to it," said Giordano, "I've been doing it for 20-some years, you get used to it."

"I've been doing this for 30 years," said Courtemanche, "it's just warm."

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