Brigantine dog park closes; residents ask for new location -

Brigantine dog park closes; residents ask for new location

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As the dog days of summer approach, residents in one shore community are trying to figure out where they can take their dogs to enjoy the heat, after finding out that their local dog park was shut down.

Katherine Perez and her two pit bulls live directly behind the "Natasha and Nikita Dog Park" in Brigantine. She says one of their favorite things to do on a sunny afternoon, is race with the other dogs who come out to play, but ever since the park was padlocked, she says "Man's Best Friend" is nowhere to be found.

"Now it's a shame because they don't have anyone else to play with."

City Council locked the gates on Saturday, immediately following a vote to close the park. The closure, for some is a blessing.

"I was very happy to hear it was gone, and that we would get peace and quiet," said Stephanie Howe, who lives directly behind the dog park, and has been asking City Council to relocate the park for years.

The dog park location next to the 42nd Street Complex was supposed to be a temporary home. The City originally had plans to relocate it, but after six years of barking those who live so close said enough is enough.

"It's open from 8:00 A.M. until 8:00 P.M. That's 12 hours of anywhere from 5 to 20 dogs back there."

The closure however is expected to be temporary. The city met with concerned residents on Tuesday afternoon in hopes of finding a better dog park home.

"We presented a few different areas, a couple areas on the North End," said City Manager, Jennifer Blumenthal.

The location with the most positive feed back is on the other end of the Community Center, away from the residential homes.

"We love the dog park but we also are concerned about the residents who live next to the dog park," said Blumenthal. "Because it is true, the fence for the dog park is right next to their building."

The dog park location must first be voted on and approved by City Council members before anything is set in stone. That vote is expected to happen at the next City Council meeting on July 17th.

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