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War Vets welcome home Afghanistan Vet

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The road rumbled as motorcycles roared through Ocean City Saturday, as local veterans celebrated a hero's return.

"It was emotional," says Sgt. Stroh's wife Kelly. "Ron was very shocked. He really didn't say too much, and I kept checking on him to see if he's ok, he was just taking it all in," she continues.

Escorted by area law enforcement, Staff Sergeant Ronald Stroh of the US Army, was accompanied by over 60 motorcycles. Each an US veteran, which had the serviceman speechless.

"It was overwhelming, I was absolutely in awe," says Staff Sgt. Stroh.

"It was a flood of emotions, when I came home I surprised my kids in school. Seeing them after so long, and their faces, its overwhelming," he continues.

Deployed to Iraq in 2004 and then to Afghanistan in 2012, Stroh is happy to be home, and regain the life he put on hold while serving our country.

"Feels great, I love being home, I love my kids miss my wife, miss my life. All those little things you take for granite because you don't have it anymore," says Sgt. Stroh.

Stroh's wife Kelly who kept this celebration a secret, says some of the toughest times she has faced when her husband was oversees was when her children wanted dad.

"Nothing I can do to fill that void of their father being gone. So that was really hard because there was nothing I could do," says Kelly Stroh.

Kelly, also says maintaining a positive attitude was also a challenge. Which her husband Ron catered to, by telling his wife to keep her eye on the prize.

"He would tell me that a lot, I'm coming home. There was no time for negativity and the kids kept me focused, on yea he's got to come home," states Kelly Stroh.

Along with the hero's welcome, the Stroh family will also get to spend a week in an Ocean City condo, supplied by the VFW. As emotions settle the Stroh family just wants to return to normalcy, and enjoy some family time in the sun along the shore.

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