Sea Isle City rookie lifeguards practice water rescues -

Sea Isle City rookie lifeguards practice water rescues

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Life guarding is a popular summer job for teens here in South Jersey, but before they suit up for their beach duties, there is some life saving training that they need to complete. Rookie guards in Sea Isle City spent Thursday learning the techniques associated with water rescues.

The whistle is the sound that lifeguards are trained to hear, no matter what. The sound that let's them know someone is in distress. But there are things they need to learn before diving in.

"It's very intense, and very serious, because the situations that we are in are very intense and very serious," said rookie lifeguard, Meghan Searas.

Like water rescues. Which is what the Sea Isle City rookie lifeguards practiced on Thursday.

"We call it. We run out. Swim out," said rookie lifeguard, Rachael Matousch. "Get the victim and pull him in and then do chair carries."

They learned to rescue the person who is in the most distress first, and get them to land as quickly as possible.

"If the child is drowning you go for the child, but if the adult is clearly not above water and is struggling go for the adult," said rookie lifeguard, Trevor Tuthill.

When the lifeguards get the victim safely on the beach, the first thing they do is dig a hole into the sand. This is where they will place the victims head to open up their airway. This is when they will decide if they need to perform CPR.

However this type of rescue is not the best option if the victim suffered any neck or back injures while in the water. Instead the lifeguards would first secure them on a board, put a surgical collar around their neck, and then slowly lower the board to the ground.

If you do find yourself in a dangerous water situation these water rescue professionals say it the best thing you can do is remain calm, because help is on the way.

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