Twins, who lost both parents, get support at graduation -

Twins, who lost both parents, get support at graduation

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Two Millville High School graduates were unable to celebrate a milestone with either of their parents.

High school graduation is a night that teenagers, and their families, remember for the rest of their lives.

In Millville, Virginia and Carmen DeGregorio have a different,but bigger, kind of family now, and these new family members say they couldn't be prouder of their graduates.

Officer Shawn Scott with the Millville Police Department, said,"Tonight we're here to support the DeGregorio twins, Carmen and Virginia.Sadly, their parents couldn't make it. Their father, retired Millville police officer was killed while intervening in a domestic altercation and then their mother just recently passed away from cancer."

In 2007, retired Millville police officer, Carmen DeGregorio Sr., was killed in a WaWa parking lot after saving a woman's life.  Just a few months ago, the twins' mother, Adrienne DeGregorio, died of breast cancer.

Millville's graduation fell on Adrienne's birthday and although they were missing their parents, the DeGregorio twins say they knew they had family all around them.

Virginia DeGregorio told NBC40, "I loved it - I was like,wow! I was thankful that everyone cheered for me and I was happy to be on that stage - because today is a hard day - and I got through it and I couldn't have if I didn't have my friends and family and the support of others."

After Carmen and Virginia 's names were announced, hundreds of their friends cheered them along as they walked on stage to accept their diplomas.  The Millville police officers were also in the crowd to cheer them along and said they will always be thereto support them as they move forward with their careers.

Officer Jennifer Sitero explained, "We're here just to show them our support and know we're always here for them whenever they need something they can always reach out to us…they're still our family."

Carmen DeGregorio told NBC40, "It makes me feel a whole lot better that I know that no matter what, like, I'm never going to be alone."

Close to 20 members of the Millville police force attended the twins' graduation to be with them on one of the most memorable nights of their young lives.

Officer Scott said, "They're doing their parents proud."

Both of the twins plan on attending college in the fall and Virginia  says she plans to study criminal justice to follow in her father's footsteps.

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