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Heavy rain floods Atlantic County communities

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An unpleasant surprise to many in South Jersey Tuesday, as storms rolled through dumping torrential rains in an already soaked area.

"Well it's a surprise, I just got home and didn't expect this," says one resident of Cranberry Run.

 In Buena Vista Township, many residents of Cranberry Run could do nothing but watch and wait as their neighborhood flooded.

"Whenever we have and get really really heavy downpours this happens. They just don't have enough drainage to take it out," says resident Herman Beebe. "I don't know what she's up to, but mother nature she's letting us know she's around," he continues.

"This happens once in a while, mother nature, what are you going to do," says another resident.

It was a perfect storm of chaos, as massive amounts of rain came during high tide forcing township officials to issue a voluntary evacuation.

"The stream that in that area out there in Cranberry Run in Buena Vista and the amount of water we've seen and the amount of rain that fell in a short amount of time, that stream, kind of overran the banks and the water ends up draining down in a residential development," says Atlantic County Emergency Management Director Vince Jones.

However, not all residents were fond of the voluntary evacuation. 

"Right now I'm very angry, my wife cant get in here.They have no right to stop me from coming to my home," says one resident.

"I lived through the two storms from last year, and never had to be evacuated," echoes another.

As the storm moves out of the area, the evacuation orders have been lifted, but township officials will keep their eyes on the Great Egg Harbor River, because it will take 18 to 24 hours for all the rain water in the township to wash into a larger body of water.

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