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Owner of tree damaged home in E.H.C looking for answers

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There is more tree controversy in Egg Harbor City, where a tree removal went wrong. The home owner of the house that the tree fell into says she just wants to know why it happened.

"I came running, and freaking out."

It was a terrifying moment for Christina Caviller on Monday evening when a 25 foot sycamore tree came crashing into her front porch.

"The tree rolled basically. We had two lines on it. Unfortunately when we pulled on the tree, instead of pulling toward the street it rolled," said Paul Schairer, owner of Schairer's Tree Service.

The incident happened around 5:00 P.M., when Schairer's Tree Service was attempting to remove the tree for a road re-pavement project. Twenty-eight trees in total are being removed, but only this one was taken down with branches still attached.

"I did ask them not to drop any big branches on my yard, because when they were doing it they were putting big ruts in peoples property," said Cavileer.

Schairer says the branches have nothing to do with how the tree fell, and that the incident was an accident.

"It happens, it was an accident. It happened. Our insurance company is handling it."

When the incident initially happened, police reported that the home suffered only minimal damage. However once the tree was fully removed from the porch, cracks and ripped siding became more noticeable. Cavileer says she is most concerned about the damage to the foundation of the home.

However she says this fight is about more than just her front porch. She has been battling the city about the tree removal for weeks in hopes of keeping them. In order to stop the road from buckling in the future, city officials say the trees had to go.

"The engineer says these trees are very old, and there is damage to the sidewalk and to the streets," said Egg Harbor City Council Woman, Hazel Mueller.

According to the city, they will no longer allow sycamore trees to grow along the sidewalks, however they will be creating a tree committee to discuss the possibly of re-planting smaller trees.

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