Number of guns seized in Cumberland Co. reaches the thousands -

Number of guns seized in Cumberland Co. reaches the thousands

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An astonished Pastor Ralph Graves was one of many Cumberland County residents, and local officials who filled the Cumberland County prosecutors office.

"Wow, look at all those guns," says Pastor Ralph Graves of Cornerstone Community Church in Millville.

"We want to take as much guns off the street as possible," says Acting Attorney General John Hoffman.

Tuesday, Acting Attorney General John Hoffman announced the results of the two–day gun buy back in the county. A program that is considered to be a huge success.

"Everyone of these guns, everyone of the 2,509 guns is one less gun that can be misused, one less gun that can be used in a crime of passion, one less gun that can be accidentally discharged by a child, says the Acting AG.

"There's more and more guns on the streets in America, and Cumberland County and Bridgeton is no different. So anytime anyway we can get some guns off the streets it will help," says Mayor of Bridgeton Albert Kelly.

With over 2,500 guns collected officials say that this is the second largest gun buy back in the state. Guns ranging from automatic pistols to sawed off shotguns, were just some of the dangerous firearms taken off the street.

"Cumberland County is not the second largest county in the state, and so we do think it's a success, and in many ways Cumberland County can serve as a model to other counties," explains AG Hoffman.

"It's kind of scary, knowing that we got so many guns right here from our community, but it's a blessing," says the Pastor.

This no questions asked initiative has collected nearly 13,000 firearms since launching in December and according to the Acting Attorney General more buy–backs are planned across the state in the future. Something Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly is looking forward to as part of his plan to clean–up his city.

"It's great to see, that this point and this part of the plan has been fulfilled, and we're looking forward to another gun buy back," states the Mayor.

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