Family of Boston bombing victim hold fundraiser in Egg Harbor To -

Family of Boston bombing victim hold fundraiser in Egg Harbor Township

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The picture of 27 year old Jeff Bauman was seen around the world - a man devastatingly wounded and in shock; just moments after a bomb went off at his feet at the Boston Marathon back on April 15th.

Family members of Jeff Bauman, a man who lost both his legs in the Boston bombings, threw a benefit for him in Egg Harbor Township today.  Family and friends say Jeff's spirits are high and that South Jersey's support has been amazing.

Jeff’s cousin, Courtney Bauman, explained what happened on that day by saying, "The guy had set the backpack at his feet and he (Jeff) thought it was shady and he got sketched out, so he tried to get the attention of Erin's roommates and by then it had exploded."

Jeff lost both of his legs that day and has been recovering ever since.

Courtney Bauman added, "He’s doing very well.  He's actually here and he's doing very well.  He's in great spirits, he's a great guy and we're very, very lucky to have him."

On Saturday, his family hosted a fundraiser at King's Lounge and Christie's Bar in Egg Harbor Township to help pay for his medical expenses.

Jeff’s girlfriend, Erin Hurley, told NBC40, "It’s just been very touching and I’m very grateful for that and I know Jeff is very grateful for that as well."

Jeff's family says the outpouring they've received since the Boston bombings has been absolutely tremendous and that it's not just their friends and family that are here today.  Random people throughout South Jersey decided to come to donate to the family as well.

A supporter of the benefit, Chris Applegate, told NBC40, "I don't know Jeff but I thought it was a good thing to come and support him and his family and the money and the medical bills.  It's for a good cause."

Family members say Jeff still has a long road ahead of him but that with the help from Saturday’s event, Jeff and his girlfriend Erin can breathe easier, knowing they have plenty of support throughout the process.  Hurley said, "When I think of it - it just warms my heart so much to know that we have all of these people behind us.  We feel like we have the whole country behind us as we're going through this and that just means so much to us.  We definitely want to make sure that everyone knows we see what everyone is doing and we are thankful for what everyone is doing."

Donations can be made to Jeff’s family by clicking here

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