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Local Reality TV Mom Addresses Critics Before Shows Premier

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Adelina Presta isn't your regular Jersey Shoresmall business owner. This manager of the family owned L'aragorta Italian restaurant in Brigantine is suffering from germaphobia.

"I'm not as germaphobic as peoplethink," says Adelina.

Presta, who's germaphobia story will behighlighted Tuesday on Lifetime's newest show Extreme Mom's, says that hergerm–consciousness began at the age of 7 when her brother was born, andcrippled due to what she says a medical mistake.

"He is 31 years old, he has two feedingtubes, he has a tracheotomy, he's never walked, he's never talked, and it wasvery hard for me growing up," states Presta.

Adelina also explains that the constant visitingof hospitals due to her brother's condition, forced her into being agermaphobe. But, she tells NBC 40 that she is more conscious of germs becauseshe works with food, rather than an extreme phobia.

"Being around food, it could be avery dangerous situation. bacteria, salmonella, I wouldn't want anybody to getsick from my restaurant," says Presta. "This is probably the cleanestrestaurant you'll ever find, but again I'm not that extreme," she continues.

Presta's husband who is a chef at the familyrestaurant, says he cannot cook at home because of his wife's phobia.

"I cook at the restaurant, bring everythingcooked home, and then we eat. But most of the time we eat outside, because shedon't want the house messed up. It's very hard, with anything we do, you got to makesure its clean," says Giancarlo Presta.

As this family prepares to open their second restaurant in Philadelphia, Adelina wants to set the record straight once andfor all.

"I just don't want people to thinkthat I'm some crazy germaphobic totally whack job, because that's not what I'mabout," Adelina states.

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