Atlantic City South Inlet Residents Hold Community Meeting -

Atlantic City South Inlet Residents Hold Community Meeting

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The fight continued on Saturday in Atlantic City as residents, city officials, and CRDA representatives continued the on going conversation of the controversial decision to have residents of the south inlet evicted in 90 days.

"Worries are everywhere, rumors are everywhere, and I thought this was the place to find answers," says William Kennedy

Kennedy, like many south inlet residents came to Shiloh Baptist Church to not only be heard, but also to get some piece of mind.

"I feel that unity really makes a difference, and it may have changed the outcome the way the CRDA treats the residents," explains Kennedy.

"The residents now know that they now have more organization behind them, and lawyers and I just think they went home feeling safer," claims Sandra Taliaderro.

One thing that was both comforting and confusing for residents Saturday, was finding out the CRDA has not yet purchased any of the properties they asked the residents to leave.

"I was confused, I don't understand how in the United States someone can evict you without owning the property," says Kennedy.

CRDA Deputy Executive Director Susan Thompson says that communication is key, and after Saturday's effective meeting, they will try to communicate better.

"So we will be working directly with community, and doing one on one's with the residents and more group meetings, and we're looking forward to doing that," says Thompson.

But residents we spoke with feel as though this is just the tip of the iceberg and the fight will continue to rage on. Even though some residents feel like there is nothing they can do to stop this process, they say they feel a little better knowing they don't have to leave their homes in 90 days.

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