AC Police prepare to turn on ShotSpotter technology -

AC Police prepare to turn on ShotSpotter technology

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Police in Atlantic City will be testing the brand new ShotSpotter technology to help them locate and prosecute illegal gun use in the city.

Atlantic City residents hope the new technology will be able to save lives in some of the more troubled neighborhoods of the city.

Gerald Spence is an Atlantic City resident who believes Atlantic City Police's new ShotSpotter technology will be able to help police get to the scene of a crime faster than they do now.  

Atlantic City Police say they will able to respond faster, enabling them to put more criminals behind bars, after Friday's final tests of the ShotSpotter system are complete.

Monica McMenamin, a sergeant with the Atlantic City Police Department, said, "Hopefully they will begin to feel safer.  We are attacking this head on and we're getting the technology and we're getting there sooner and making arrests."

On Friday night police will be conducting a live-fire gunshot event to test the system.  They say the controlled tests will consist of a sequence of gunshots followed by validation of quality detection by ShotSpotter.  The guns will be fired into bullet traps to ensure the public's safety.

Thomas Gilbert, Tourism District Commander for the Attorney General's office, explained, "It's going to cover a good part of the city and the police department has done an absolutely fabulous job of pursuing this and nailing down all of the details and getting us to where we are today."

Many Atlantic City residents NBC40 spoke with said they hope the new ShotSpotter technology will be able to deter criminals from using their guns and that maybe with quicker response times police may be able to save some more lives.

Robert Enders, an Atlantic City resident, said, "I think it's probably a really good idea, there's a lot going on out here -a lot of violence. I think that it would deter crime."

Friday's test will prepare the system for sensor calibrations, quality of gunshot detection and will identify any additional calibrations that will need to be added before ShotSpotter is turned on.

Atlantic City police say the ShotSpotter tests should conclude around 11 o' clock tonight.

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