One year after April Kauffman was murdered no arrests have been -

One year after April Kauffman was murdered no arrests have been made

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It was one year ago that those who live in the quiet town of Linwood were in shock after hearing that one of their own was shot and killed.

"Every day I wake up, and I hope it's going to be today."

Kimberly Pack says the horror of May 10th 2012 replays in her mind every day. Receiving the news that she would never see her mother, April Kauffman, again.

"She is severely missed," said Pack. "There is such a void in my life."

A void that could be partially filled if she knew who murdered her mother.

"It's not a cold case as many people believe."

A worker discovered Kauffman's body inside of her bedroom in her home on Woodstock Drive. One year later no arrests have been made and while they are suspect of who committed the crime, friends and family are not saying names.

"In your opinion do you know who killed April Kauffman? I do. I do believe I do," said friend of Kauffman, Lee Darby. "And have you talked to police about who you believe killed April? Of course."

"Unfortunately your life is stuck at the day this happened because at this time no arrests have been made," said Pack.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office denied our request for comment on the ongoing investigation.

"I just hope that they finish crossing their "T's" and dotting their "I's" and put this together," said Darby.

Until then, those still seeking answers spend their days visiting her grave and asking everyone to step up and help get justice for April.

"I'm furious at the killer that he doesn't have the guts to step forward and say I did it. If the intention was to squash her, the opposite has happened. Because she is truly bigger than life."

A rally and candle light vigil is being held to remember Kauffman at 7:00 P.M. on Friday on the corner of Woodstock Drive and the bike path in Linwood. All are welcome to attend.

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