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Weight lifter overcomes challenges, headed to world championship

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A Linwood woman who has dedicated the last few years of her life to weight lifting was just named the national weightlifting champion in the United States and is now headed to the World Master Championships.

Two years ago seeing Lisa Mott in the gym was a sight unseen.

"It was a wicked left hook and I planted and I heard a pop and it was immediate pain," Lisa Mott said as she explained the moment she was injured.

A wicked left hook that kept Mott out of the gym and suffering in pain; every doctor told her the same thing.

"Stop what you are doing. Stop lifting; stop training and wont have the pain," Mott said as she explained what doctors told her.

However,  that wasn't an option for the 49-year- old fitness instructor and competitive lifter. Lifting is her life and her livelihood.

After six months Mott finally found Dr. Sokalsky at the Rothman Institute who changed her life with surgery and physical therapy.

"Nothing has to stop you unless you give up," Lisa said.

Within one year of Lisa's surgery she had already won a power lifting competition. In February, less than two years after her surgery she became the United States champion for Olympic weight lifting and now this summer Lisa is ready to hit the world stage. This all comes just two years after doctors told her she should never lift again.

 "I am now a national champion in masters weight lifting and we are getting ready to compete in Italy soon so I hope to be the champion of the world," Mott said.

"Its amazing for her, especially at the age of 49 to be able to do what she's doing now. The heavy weights and the range of motion she has to go through to do the things that she has to do to get to this point," Dr. Sokalsky said.

"If you do have a problem and you don't get the answer you seek, find someone else, go to Rothman, come to Oceanside. There are people out there that can help you be the best that you can be," Mott said.

This journey hasn't been easy for Lisa, but her hard work and determination are what make her the champion that she is today.

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