EHT medical marijuana facility CEO discusses risks -

EHT medical marijuana facility CEO discusses risks

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Things are starting to take shape at the Compassionate Care Foundation in Egg Harbor Township, and while many have been involved, CEO William Thomas is the only one talking.

"That's why I'm not letting you film anyone else involved, cause if anybody's gonna go to jail, it's gonna be me," said Thomas.

While the medical marijuana facility is licensed by the state, federally, this whole operation is illegal.  It's a serious and potential risk.
"We are very tightly regulated, this is not California or Colorado or Washington, this is not the Wild West, the governor of this state has made it his priority to make sure that we comply, as much as close as we can to like a federal regulation," explained Thomas.

The plants that will soon be grown in this greenhouse will be closely tracked throughout the entire growing and selling process.
"As soon as we put a seed into a seed cup, it's bar-coded and after that bar-coding, we know who buys that plant - it goes from seed to sale," said Thomas.

It's this kind of monitoring and strict guidelines that Thomas hopes will keep them out of trouble with the feds. 

While the transparency is important in how they operate, there are some things even the state won't ask.

"I cannot tell you where the seeds are coming from, cause it's not legal to bring seeds across state lines," said Thomas.
One of the biggest concerns with an operation and a facility like this is security.  In addition to having guards patrolling the outside of the premises, they'll also have dogs inside at night.
"This whole building has camera systems, the same you'd find in a casino," said Thomas.

The only people that will be allowed in the facility once it's operating will be those who work here, and patients who have appointments.  And as for the pot that will be grown and eventually sold -- they'll know exactly what went to who.

We believe the federal government will leave us alone as long as we can show that this amount of marijuana went to this patient and we have very strict diversion.

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