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A Touch Of Olde England In Galloway Township

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Residents of the Garden State took a spin in a time machine on Sunday, as the 3rd annual Smithville Renaissance Faire came to town.  From gypsies to fire dancers, characters from the European Renaissance littered Smithville Village.

"My character is lovingly known as floggy Molly, because I'm a bit tough on people who don't work the way their suppose to," says Renaissance actress Molly Kincaid.

Roberta Barker, the town cryer says, "As the town cryer, I am the person who spreads all of the news for the people of Crossford and Smithville as well. The Lord Mayor of Smithville invited me to join him here today."

And some not even breaking character.

"Your magic wand is freaking me out a little bit, I am going to go on ahead and point that out," says actor Roger Alston while holding the NBC 40 Microphone.

People of all ages came out to enjoy the first weekend of the Smithville Renaissance Faire, including a mom and daughter, who came to the fair to celebrate her daughter's 20th birthday.

"Its been a lot of fun, at 1 o'clock there's a sword fighting competition so we're going to do that, and we might go over and do some archery," says Jennifer Bore (Mother).

Or the couple from Galloway, who say this years fair is an improvement from last years.

"We are here today, because we want to support Smithville and we love the Renaissance Faire, and it definitely has gotten better this year. It's just a fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon," says Bob Wynne.

"We just wanted to support and come out here, and I really love going to Renaissance Faire's so I thought it would be fun," says Shelley Wynne.

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