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Local amusement park inspects for safety; prepares for summer

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A recent report from Clinical Pediatrics has brought into question the safety of amusement park rides.

At Gillian's Wonderland Pier, workers continued to inspect and work on rides to ensure the safety of visitors this summer.

"We will never open a ride unless it is safe for the public and everyone to go on and   enjoy," said Gillian's Wonderland Pier General Manager John Kavchok

A study from Clinical Pediatrics on rides at amusement parks, malls and fairs revealed an average of 4,400 ride related injuries a year, the majority taking place in the summer months.

In order to avoid some of the problems seen around the country, the staff at Gillian's teams up with the state to inspect the safety of every ride.

"Our rides are checked daily by our team of qualified maintenance technicians as well as in the beginning of the year the state of New Jersey, their ride inspectors come down and they check every ride," said Kavchok.

Kavchok says New Jersey ride inspectors return a few times each week during the season and ride operators are taught to listen for noises that may indicate the need for maintenance.

For parents and their young riders, they say safety is not an issue.

"They have a great track record, everything is inspected I'm sure, it runs pretty well," said parent Grant Friedland.

"They make sure you're inside the car so you don't get hurt and make sure you're safe," said rider Grant Friedland Jr.

In addition to basic safety techniques like seatbelt checks and height requirements, staff here at Gillian's says they inspect the rides daily to insure rider safety.

"Every single morning our maintenance staff comes in and they go to every single ride," said Kavchok.

 "They have a checklist and they have to look at numerous, numerous items that are on the checklist."

And officials say rules set forth by ride manufactures as well as continuous checkups and repairs during the winter help make sure the rides run smoothly.

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