Pleasantville Fire Leaves Residents Homeless -

Pleasantville Fire Leaves Residents Homeless

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It started off as a regular Wednesday for Thelma Bryant.

"When I left this morning everything was peace and quiet, and then I go to work, try to make a living and get through part of the day. You get a phone call like that you don't know which way to go," explains Bryant.

The phone call Bryant is referring to was the call she received from her neighbors notifying her home is in flames.

"I get home and this is it, this is what happened, this is it right here," says an emotional Bryant. "I was like oh my God. I said here I go, my God. I never had that happen to me, I was stunned. I was shocked I didn't know what to," she continues.

At around 11:51 AM the Pleasantville Fire Department received a call of multiple condo's engulfed in flames on Cresson Avenue. But this call was not your traditional emergency call since this call was made by one of their own, who happened to be off–duty.

"I was driving down the street and I noticed some smoke in the air. Didn't really think nothing of it. Trying to play it off as if it wasn't a house fire, and I came up a little further down the street and saw that Cresson Apartment was fully involved in the front half," says Pleasantville Firefighter Mark Raymond.

Which is when Raymond jumped into action making the emergency call, and helping a man and his two kids out of harms way.

"I came around the back of the building, I noticed somebody with his two kids jumping out of the window," quotes the Raymond, the humble hero.

With the structure being deemed unsafe, residents like Thelma Bryant who have lived here for 2 decades now have to pick up what the fire burned down.

"It's a nightmare, I just can't believe it," says Bryant.

Red Cross has put Bryant and other victims in hotels for the weekend, and will be assisting them in their road to recovery. But as for Bryant she plans on standing tall.

"You just have to rebuild and stay strong, have to take one day at a time," says a strong Bryant.

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