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Welcome To May!

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Good Wednesday morning, South Jersey, and Happy Hump Day! You simply couldn't ask for a more beautiful start to the month of may! High pressure arrived about 12 hours early yesterday, and while that means my forecasted highs yesterday were nothing short of a bust (And I do apologize for that), it also means that we were able to enjoy some last second sunshine. So maybe...just maybe...it wasn't necessarily bad that things didn't time out as planned. I digress. High pressure is firmly in control of our short term weather pattern; it is keeping skies mostly clear and any bad weather well out of the region. So we'll be mainly sunny today with highs in the mid 60s on the mainland and near 60 on the coast with an east wind at 10mph. We'll keep the easterly winds for a few more days due to the position of this core of high pressure. We're on the southern fringe of it, and since winds flow clockwise around high pressure, that puts us squarely under the influence of east winds. They'll calm down tonight, and we'll cool off quite nicely as well. Lows will drop to 40 degrees towards the Pinelands, while coastal locales will settle down in the mid 40s with a light east wind. 

As I briefly mentioned earlier, this core of high pressure will act as a blocking mechanism. A ridge in the jet stream will form over the Northeast, and it's shape will resemble the Greek letter Omega...hence the name "Omega Block". We had one of these in March, but we were on the cool side of it. This time, however, we're on the warmer side of things. This block will keep a low pressure system in the Midwest at bay for several days, but its hold on the Northeast begins to slip by late Saturday. At any rate, Thursday through Sunday are nearly identical in terms of our weather. All four days will be mostly sunny with highs in the mid 60s to start and near 70 by the start of the next work week. That low in the Midwest arrives late on Monday, but we should remain dry with highs near 70 under increasingly cloudy skies. Our next chance for rain is Tuesday morning, but there is some inconsistency in the models on how this low interacts with the region. Mike and I will continue to monitor it. All the same, highs for Tuesday dip back into the upper 60s.

Have a great day and a Happy May Day!

- Meteorologist Adam Rutt

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