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Pleasantville recovering 6 Months Post-Sandy

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This day 6 months ago, New Jersey was changed forever. And on this Anniversary day of Hurricane Sandy, residents and business owners reflect. 

"That's all were trying to do is get people back to normal," says Co-owner of Art Handlers Appliances Scot Sacks. 

Sacks, is like many business owners in south Jersey, still feeling the affects of Hurricane Sandy. 6 months later, the local business owner is doing what he can to return a sense of normalcy back to Pleasantville residents.

"Post Sandy business has been extremely hectic for us. A lot of people's homes have been decimated and their washers, dryers, freezers were their firsts to replace," says Sacks." Appliances and bedding have been through the roof, people have lost virtually everything," he continues.

Mayor Jesse Tweedle of Pleasantville is doing his part with helping residents bounce back, by keeping the lines of communication open between residents and his administration.

"My code enforcer visited each and every residence. and spoke with the victims or the residents that were impacted by the storm," says the Mayor.

With clean up efforts still forging forward, the Mayor says that the biggest hurdle on this 6 month anniversary of Hurricane Sandy is insurance issues, related to the flood advisory maps which have discouraged some residents from returning home.

"People are afraid to do things, people are holding back now for several reasons. Some don't have insurance, some insurance claims have not been settled," says the Mayor.

Mayor Tweedle says he has supplied Pleasantville residents with a 211 number in the event they need assistance with tree and debris removal. Business owners like Sacks are looking at the glass half full as recovery efforts continue due to the shot in the arm the local economy has been getting.

"This is really good for the economy, the local economy, the plumber, the bricklayer, the electrician, the retailers," says Sacks.

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