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Volunteers help restore Sandy damaged homes in A.C.

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A weeklong project is underway to restore eighteen units around Atlantic City that were damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Volunteers from the Fuller Center for Housing are working to bring families back home six months after Sandy took them from their homes.

Volunteers that number over 200 in total have come to Atlantic City.

Volunteers from around the country are participating in a building blitz to help restore homes flooded during Hurricane Sandy.

"They don't necessarily have the resources, through other sources to get them fixed back up so they bring to the table what they've got and we bring  volunteers and we bring the rest and get them fixed back up," said President of the Fuller Center for Housing David Snell.

Volunteers from around the country are helping to restore 18 units that house 22 families around the city.

The homes will be completed by Friday and are a part of a much larger long-term project.

"We'll dedicate them on Friday and then we have our next group of volunteers coming in next week," said President of the Fuller Center New Jersey Pines Chapter Merle Brown.

"We will just keep rolling through in an attempt to reach our goal of two hundred houses by the end of February of 2014."

The project is the fifth Millard Fuller Legacy Build named in honor of the co-founder of Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing.

Atlantic City was chosen as the location immediately following Sandy as volunteers scrambled to prepare for the build in just six months.

"Usually we have a year and a half so it's been a press but we got a good group here, they're strong and solid and work hard, they laugh a lot and that helps them," said Snell.

Officials say some of the funding comes from homeowner's insurance and FEMA money with private donations and grants given to the fuller center making up the difference.

The Atlantic City long-term recovery group helped locate homeowners in need.

"It's a big team effort of people coming together," said Snell.

"People are good willed and trying to do something good."

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