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NJ residents voice concern over stricter gun laws

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The New Jersey State Senate proposed a host of new gun laws that would make it even more difficult to purchase a gun in New Jersey.

Angelina Biella, a gun owner and New Jersey resident, said, "It's our constitutional right!  We have the right to bear arms and the right to defend ourselves as Americans and that shouldn't be taken away under any pretense or any so-called laws for protecting us, because all you're doing is enabling criminals."  Angelina Biella is just one New Jersey resident who is strongly opposed to new gun legislation making its way through the State Senate.

Senator Jeff Van Drew told NBC40, "New Jersey is a place where you already have to go through background checks.  New Jersey is a place where each and every time you purchase a pistol you have to go through checks.  So I honestly think that, in general, we have more than enough laws in this state."

But not everyone in the New Jersey state senate feels the same as Senator Van Drew.  New bills were proposed last week that would restrict the amount of ammunition sold, decrease magazine capacity from 15 rounds to 10, and would ban the sale of certain guns.

Some people say they support the new bills because of the constant gun violence in their city.  Atlantic City resident, Ozzie Williams, explained, "That's the problem with Atlantic City - we got kids shooting kids here in the city and I mean, that goes on every single day."

But many residents we spoke with say they are against the new bills and that stricter laws won't prevent these types of shootings.  Senator Van Drew said, "Not one of the new gun laws, whether it be in the Senate or in the Assembly of New Jersey, would have prevented any of the crimes that have occurred recently in the country."

Another New Jersey resident, Jack Loizos, said, "If I shoot 10 bullets or if I shoot 20 bullets, it's still going to be bad if it's in a bad circumstance."

Biella said, "Instantaneous background checks, credit checks, blood samples - whatever they want to do. Make it stringent, but don't make it that you cannot possess a gun."

New Jersey state officials will be voting on the new laws in Trenton at the beginning of next month.

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