Jersey Shore towns open for business -

Jersey Shore towns open for business

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With about one month to go until the unofficial start to summer, officials in the Wildwoods are trying to get the word out that they are open for business, but some business are still struggling to get back on their feet six months after Sandy.

"The very first question they have are you ok? Are the Wildwoods ok are the hotels operating," Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt said.

That's what officials in the Wildwoods are trying to clear up to media outside of South Jersey.

With a media tour through the Wildwoods Friday, reporters were able to see the boardwalk intact, new investments at the water parks, and hotels open and ready.

"Rentals seem to be up from what I've heard from agents, rentals are up, sales seem to be going up and we have a lot of something going on," Joyce Gould said.

While much of the Jersey Shore has worked tirelessly over the winter it has not been easy and many are still struggling.

"Emotionally it was a big hit for us, but we are trying to open up and as you can see we put up a trailer," Dairy Bar owner Chris Clayton said.

Chris Clayton's business took on several feet of water. Refrigerators were tossed like toys and he had no idea what his future held.

"Six months later is this where you expected to be?" "No not at all. Even know we boarded up and did as best we could to prepare for the hurricane, once you take on this type of loss of everything you don't know from day 2 where you're gonna be."

While Chris has been fortunate enough to get back on his feet. For many it's not been easy. The restaurant next door to the Dairy Bar simply didn't have the money to reopen and Chris says that is a reality for many along the shore.

"You look at this without emotion, just looking at the numbers you are going to find a lot of business well as homeowners at the jersey shore that are just gonna make it impossible for them to come back and be the way that it was," Chris Clayton said.

Clayton is now $500,000 in the hole, but he like so many others in the shore communities did what they needed to do to keep the doors open and a family tradition alive at the Jersey Shore.

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