Gov. Christie proposes measures to curb gun violence -

Gov. Christie proposes measures to curb gun violence

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Governor Chris Christie has announced proposals for sweeping new laws to reduce gun violence here in New Jersey. The proposed legislation includes changes to mental health record access during background checks, violent video games purchases by minors and stricter gun trafficking laws.

After a failed senate deal earlier this week in Washington, Gov. Chris Christie is announcing a four point comprehensive deal to reduce violence related to fire arms in New Jersey.

"First responsibly expanding New Jerseys all ready stringent gun control measures. Second making mental health treatment and screening mandatory for those who need it most and making it easier for health professionals to order treatment for individuals," Christie said.

A major point Christie focused on was mental health and getting help for those who need it, but also making their records more accessible to prevent those with mental disorders from buying guns.

"Were going to go further by making it mandatory health records to be tied in the instant background system and requiring a photo id."

While the governor wants courts and doctors to have more power to commit patients they feel need treatment, he also wants parents of those under 18 to have more control when it comes to video games.

"I'm proposing legislation that would require that a legal guardian or parent to provide consent when a minor attempts to purchase a video game that has a rating of either mature or adult."

When it comes to guns in New Jersey, the governor says most guns used during crimes come from out of state, he now wants to see a 25 year minimum for anyone who is found guilty of trafficking illegal firearms.

While this all comes one week after the governor received a report from a task force he created after sandy hook, he is still not sure when these laws could take affect.

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