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Local Coast Guard member will try out for NBC television show

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The United States Coast Guard plays a big role in keeping South Jersey residents safe when in the water, and one of their members is taking her training to the television world.

Petty Officer Second Class Jaime Vanacore is one of just four females out of 300 in the nation who can call them selves a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, and she works right here at the Coast Guard Station Atlantic City.

"We're here to help people. Everyone that joins the Coast Guard is here to help. They want to serve the public, serve the country."

Every day when duty calls Vanacore is ready and willing to put her life on the line to help save others, even if it means jumping out of a helicopter and diving head first into the water.

"There's water surrounding us all the way down the Chesapeake. All the way down to the New York harbor. It's our responsibility. So we fly a lot."

But what Vanacore has learned behind the walls will soon be put to the test. On Friday she will pack up and go to Baltimore to try out for an NBC television show."

"American Ninja Warrior" is a show with just one rule. Do not get wet.

"My sister called me, she was watching it and was like you got to apply for this show. I put my application through and I was shocked. They called me last week and said they wanted me to come down and run the course."

An obstacle course that NBC refers to as the toughest in the world.

27,000 people have tried to complete the course, and only three have stayed dry.

But with $500,000 on the line, Vanacore says trying out for this realty television show is worth the risk.

"Just having the opportunity, a lot of people apply and don't get the opportunity. I'm grateful I even get the opportunity to run it, and I'm definitely going to give it all I have."

If she completes the first phase, Vanacore will move onto the second tryout on Saturday, and then advance to the finals in June.

"American Ninja Warrior" will premiere right here on NBC40 on July 1st at 8:00 P.M.

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