Atlantic City safety officials heighten security following Bosto -

Atlantic City safety officials heighten security following Boston bombing

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As police in Boston look for more answers in regards to Monday's tragedy, safety officials in Atlantic City are stepping up their security.

It's the story that is touching hearts all over the nation. The Boston marathon bombing. And here in Atlantic City, the community is fearful that the worst could take place in this tourist town.

"It just can happen anywhere. It could happen here. Anywhere," said Atlantic City tourist, Michael Serra. "It's just a tragedy."

But city officials say they are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening.

"This brings it to the floor that we need to be constantly vigilant," said Public Safety Director, William Glass.

The city is on heightened alert. This means extra police patrols are roaming the streets, and extra eyes are looking for anything out of the ordinary.

"The people that are on the streets and the boardwalk they are not subject to being searched," said Rick Santoro, a Security Risk Manager for "Our emphasis really has to be behavioral based. How they act, what they do.

And what they may leave behind. A brief case, a package, or even an abandoned car.

"The officials have a new sense of how important it is that they observe everything around them," said Glass.

Atlantic City is visited by thirty million people a year. That's why the city is revamping security plans for upcoming attractions like the Miss America Pageant, the Thunder Over the Boardwalk, and even the Atlantic City Marathon.

In addition to all of heightened security in the city, public safety officials ask that you do your part by keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings; this includes warning police of any suspicious activity you see, including abandoned packages.

"If they see something out of place notify someone. If something seems different to you."

If you do see anything suspicious on the streets you can alert the Atlantic City police by texting "Tip 411".

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