Vineland cracks down to clean up city -

Vineland cracks down to clean up city

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Last election season Vineland mayoral candidate Ruben Burmudez ran on the promise of revitalizing the city and making it beautiful again, now three months into his term he seems to be following through.

Broken windows, high grass and long abandoned buildings; Vineland has plenty of that and now the city is attempting to do something about it.

"Code enforcement is very important for me and this is how you get your city really cleaned up. This way people can come in and see this city looking good," Vineland Mayor Ruben Bermudez said. 

Vineland's mayor has directed all city departments to crack down on violators and it's something many residents embrace.

"They use these houses for drugs and a couple of people got killed there and it's a mess,"  resident Sylvia Santiago said.

Residents say they deal with the eye sores and the ramifications of abandoned houses day in and day out.

"She's got children and the children can't come outside and play cause they smoke pot. They do all kinds of things in there," Santiago said as she pointed to her friend.

This plan is still in the early stages and already two houses are slated for demolition. City officials say if absentee landlords don't fix their properties there will be a lot more homes on the chopping block.

"They're citing the people giving citations and were gonna bring them to court. So of these landlords are absentee landlords. They don't live here so whatever it takes," Bermudez said.

City officials say they are modeling this effort after towns like Haddonfield and Collingswood.

"Quality of life is one of the major issues to make a town more vibrant," city councilman Paul Spinelli said.

In addition to abandoned buildings; illegal venders, those who fail to mow their lawns, and those who graffiti will also start to feel pressure.

"These kids, when they get caught I want to bring them back here and I want them to clean these parks," Rubenez said.

If you have a concern in your in your neighborhood you can report it to the city codes department.


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