New technology helps police fight crime -

New technology helps police fight crime

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New technology mounted on the side of police cars in our area is allowing police to keep our roads safer. They are advanced cameras capturing your license plate and if you haven't seen them, they have probably seen you.

"Its one of the our most modern fighting tools," patrolman James Shields said.

Officer Shields is talking about cameras permanently mounted on the back of his patrol car scanning thousands of license plates every 24 hours.

"I'll say in one hours time you can get 20 hits with no problem," patrolman James Shields said.

As officer Shields cruises down the street, the cameras are snapping a picture of every single car he passes and instantly checking them, any violations pop up on a screen mounted in the car.

"It will pick up unregistered vehicles, stolen vehicles if the owner has a suspended license it will tell us all that," Shields said.

Somers Point has two police cars with this camera system installed.  They use them 24 hours a day. Since they were installed in 2011 they have captured more than a 1.5 license plates.

These extra eyes on the police car also help with crime investigations.

Every picture captured is stored with a GPS location. As patrol cars make their rounds they capture every car on every street, allowing investigators to connect the dots when crime happens.

All of this technology comes with a price, equipping each car costs about 16,000 dollars.

"They are expensive, but they pay for themselves in a short amount of time," Shields said.

Police say the best way to avoid having to deal with these cameras is to make sure you keep all your vehicle paper work up to date.


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