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Ocean City Police set up detours to keep traffic off residential streets

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Police in ocean city are in the process of conducting a traffic experiment, to see whether or not local residents see a decrease in the number of vehicles using residential streets as short cuts.

"Our focus right now is truck traffic," explained Sgt. Brian Hopely with the Ocean City Police Department.  He added, "We're not looking to write tickets to the truck drivers and these companies, but rather to educate them and hopefully deter them and this behavior from happening again."

Drivers looking to avoid traffic behind the light at 34th street and West Avenue have been avoiding the light by driving down Simpson or Haven avenues.

In an attempt to discourage this shortcut, Ocean City police have set up detours - to divert traffic back to the designated truck routes on West and Bay avenues.

Ocean City resident, Nancy Pietras, said, "It is a good idea because the trucks should be driving where they are supposed to be driving – and not in the residential neighborhoods."

However, there have been mixed reactions from Ocean City residents who think people have not been taking the temporary detours seriously.  Bruce DeLussa told NBC40, "I mean, I already saw it today, they saw the sign and just went around the sign and bypassed it."

Some residents we spoke with said trucks and larger vehicles are now traveling down tiny alleyways, which could create a real problem for homeowners.  Pietras added, "The alleyways, I believe, are 15 miles and you might have children playing or people walking pets, and the alleyways aren't wide enough for some of these trucks."  DeLussa also explained, "We've seen trucks and cars using the alleys to bypass the street detours."

Police say they are open to all suggestions from the public and after the detours are removed on May 3rd, they will make a decision about what to do next.

Sgt. Hopely said, "I'm not looking to make things worse for people than when we started, we're looking to make things better -and if this plan is not going to work, it's not going to be in place."

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