Forest fire officials share tips while under Red Flag Warning -

Forest fire officials share tips while under Red Flag Warning

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The state of New Jersey us under a Red Flag Warning and fire safety officials say there is a high chance of rapid wildfire spread thanks to the high winds and low humidity.

Windy conditions when combined with dry humidity can be hazardous to the wooded areas here in southern New Jersey. That's why the National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for the potential of rapid wildfire.

"Between the winds that can actually fuel the fires, the low relative humidity, less moisture in the air, the ground can dry a lot easier," said Forest Fire Observer, Larry Birch.

Larry Birch, a forest fire observer patrols the Mizpah fire tower.

He works in collaboration with five other towers in southern New Jersey to watch over and protect the wooded areas and maps out the coordinates between their locations when smoke is spotted.

But birch say's preventing these forest fires is ultimately up to those living nearby.

"You have ATV riders, kids of course playing with matches which leads to a lot of fires."

With fire danger at high its important that anyone residing near these woods takes extra safety precautions. Which means do not light a bon fire, and do not burn any leaves.

While the Red Flag Warning only remains in effect until 10:00 P.M. on Wednesday night forest fire officials say that due to upcoming weather conditions it's important to pay attention when dealing with any type of blaze.

"It could possibly lead into tomorrow, they are calling for a front to go through, which might bring moisture, more moisture to the air," said Birch. "Just be cautious of what you do."

Anyone who is having a bon fire or camp fire is required to contact the State Forest Fire Services one week in advance to make sure the area is safe, and meets the proper regulations.

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