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Red Flag Warning

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Good Wednesday morning, and Happy Hump Day to you all! As the title of this discussion implies, there is a red flag warning in place for the entire region until 10pm tonight due to ideal weather conditions for brush fires. Those conditions include low humidity values (Which means dry air) and strong winds that would act as a fan for any flames. There is also plenty of dry brush on the ground as well as dead wood from fallen trees that came as a result of last year's derecho as well as Sandy. The ground has also been a bit more moist than usual, and while one would think that means a lesser chance for brush fires, that actually inhibits controlled burns from occurring to help reduce the amount of dry brush out there. With that said, I emphasize my request for everyone out there to be extra careful with anything that could act as a catalyst for a brush fire, especially carelessly discarded cigarette butts along roadways and unnecessary burns that anyone may want to do. Any kind of outdoor burn is highly discouraged.

With that public service announcement out of the way, today's weather will be what I like to call a "carbon copy" forecast. Basically, take yesterday's weather, add a degree or two of heating, and you have today's weather in a nutshell. So we're talking about mostly sunny and windy conditions with highs around the 50 degree mark and a strong west wind at 10 to 20mph. Things begin to change on Thursday. We start off with mostly sunny skies, but cloud cover increase through the early evening hours and after sunset. A low pressure system arrives overnight, but not before we reach the low 50s on the mainland and upper 40s on the coast with a lighter northwest wind at 10mph. Showers arrive through the morning on Friday, but the exact amount of rainfall depends on how close this low gets to the coast. The closer it comes to us, the more rain we can expect here and in Philly for the highly anticipated home opener against the Royals at 4pm (Can you tell I'm a Phillies fan?). Regardless of the rain amount, highs will once again reach the 50 degree mark. The weekend clears out quite nicely with mostly sunny skies for both days and highs in the mid to upper 50s. Once we start the next work week, we hit a snag...maybe. High temperatures will be heavily dependent on what is called a "back door front" that will try to push southward. If we stay on the southern side of this front, then 60s are more than possible on Monday and Tuesday. If we end up on the northern side, then it's back into the low 50s. Dan and I will keep you posted.

Have a great day!

- Meteorologist Adam Rutt

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