No Paycheck...Big Problem For Usery Daycare Center Workers -

No Paycheck...Big Problem For Usery Daycare Center Workers

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It's as simple as one plus one equals two. You go to work and you get a paycheck, but what happens when you go to work…but don't get paid?

"Instead of receiving our pay, we received a memo indicating that because of funding issues we cannot get paid," says the Usery Daycare Center Director Jacqueline Wiggins.

Now the employees of the Usery Daycare Center are asking where are the paychecks?

"I myself have called up to central office to speak to someone and the word that is going around is that they're not sure and do not know when we are to be paid," says Wiggins.

"This is not the first time, its not the second time, or is it the third time. This has happened several times," she continues.

The employees have now reached out to the governor's office, which is now looking into the matter because the Usery Daycare Center is a part of head start, a federally funded program. Executive Director of Atlantic Human Resources Head Start Joseph Gaynor declined our requests for comment on the issue, but did acknowledge that it is a sensitive situation.

"It's a hardship. We have family, and we have bills and we have responsibilities. And this is a real inconvenience," says Azar Yisra'el, the centers manager.

According to some employees of the daycare center, the financial woes don't end at not receiving paychecks on time. They say that sometimes the center cannot pay for essential bills like electric and food and nutrition or they pay those bills at a later date. Employees say stacks of trash bags are a direct result of the center not being able to pay the independent contractor to pick up their trash.

"We at times have not had services from our bread company, from our milk company. Along with many other companies who have taken it to another level to receive their money," states Wiggins.

Now these women say they will continue to come to work with the uncertainty of when their next paycheck will come. 

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