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Wildwood hopes to crack down on rowdy prom houses

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Mayor Ernie Troiano Jr. and the city of Wildwood plans to take a stand against rowdy parties that sometimes accompany post- high school prom celebrations and the headaches it causes for neighbors.

"They can't sleep at night, their property is damaged, these kids are urinating and throwing up off the balcony, they're throwing stuff out of the windows," said Mayor Troiano.

The mayor says problems arise with owners that don't keep a watchful eye on their property.

The "rowdy house" ordinance allows the city to fine landlords who allow their tenants to get out of control.

"I'm not here to let you break the rules and regulations set by the State of New Jersey and the City of Wildwood and if you break the rules you will be punished accordingly," said Mayor Troiano.

"Like I said you're certainly welcomed to have a good time, we're all about fun, we're not about babysitting you."

And for some property owners that rent to prom and senior week visitors, they say a watchful landlord will not encounter many problems.

"It's no big deal," said Ernest Dominguez of the Sunflower Motel.

"Like one girl she slipped and broke a window but she paid for it and it was all good."

Mayor Troiano says residents are being proactive and alerting police when large groups move in. As for property owners some are taking a no-nonsense approach to the behavior of their tenants.

"You don't bother me, I don't bother you," said Dominguez.

"You're here on your prom having a good time, you're here with your girlfriends, here with your friends, everybody behaves you're okay. You don't behave, you're out of here. That is the way it should be with everyone but unfortunately its not."

Dominguez says the prom visitors bring the city a lot of business.

And while the Mayor says Wildwood is not closed to people seeking a fun time, the city is simply asking visitors and landlords to respect their neighbors or face the consequences.

"We'll yank your mercantile license, we'll put you out of business plain and simple," said Mayor Troiano.

"I understand we were all young at one time but there's a limit the city of Wildwood is going to accept, and we're not going to accept this behavior any longer."

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