Baseball field for special needs children vandalized -

Baseball field for special needs children vandalized

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Foul language, obscene drawings, and an estimated $700 worth of clean up is the resulting work of vandals in Absecon.

"It's horrible, it's really horrible."

The South Jersey Field of Dreams is a turf field, designed specifically for special needs and handicapped children.  Director of Publicity for the South Jersey Field of Dreams, Fran Northridge, explained, "On Sunday March 10th, two guys and a girl used blue spray paint and painted one of our buildings and one of our fences and spilled paint on some of the really nice ‘pavers' that we just had installed."

Park officials have released video surveillance of the vandals caught in the act.  Northridge added, "I like people to know that we do have a video monitoring system so anything that happens here we will have a record of it."

Absecon residents that use the park say they were outraged when they saw pictures of the vandalism.

Dean Clayton, an Absecon resident, told NBC40, "People come here to relax and you know, just to take in the sites and to just chill and unfortunately, you see that and it makes you sick."  Northridge added, "I'm speechless.  I can't imagine what kind of kids would do this.  We spend a lot of time and effort keeping the field upkeep for the 250 special players that are involved. The whole community is in an uproar over this."

The South Jersey Field of Dreams will be used within a month by the special needs little league players and park officials say they needed to clean up the mess right away before any of the children saw the vulgar graffiti.  Northridge said, "We are taking this very seriously and we are very determined to find the individuals that did this."

Representatives from the South Jersey Field of Dreams say they are working with the Absecon police to catch the vandals.

Pitney Painting donated the time and supplies to remove the malicious markings.


Officials are asking anyone with information about the vandals to contact the Absecon police department immediately at (609) 641-0667.

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